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1906 - 1991

The history leading up to the establishment of the company as TENEZ doesn’t take place until the beginning of the 20th century, when a Viennese entrepreneur built a small textile factory on the premises of the future Chotěboř Engineering Works.

In 1906 the factory was bought by a Czech industrialist from Brno, who opened a cotton mill for the production of carpets and furniture materials. At that time he employed approximately 250 to 300 people. The factory expanded in the years 1909 – 1928. The factory director was Mr. Sobotka. Changes took place in 1934. The world was ruled by the economic crisis. As a result production stagnated and the sale of the factory was proposed.

In 1936 Eckhardt (Prague) Ltd bought the company, headed by the manufacturer William Eckhardt. Operations began with 420 employees and this number continued to grow. In that year the pressing room and tool room were established. Mining, civilian and military gas masks were produced as well as breathing apparatus, haversacks to carry the filters, wood gas generators, propeller and radiator covers for aircraft, heaters for military tanks, milk churns, joinery products and potassium absorbers.

At the start of the Second World War the production of cutting and autogenous devices was expanded. At that time many young people and students began to work in the factory where they found refuge from forced labor in the Reich. By the year 1945 the factory had 2,500 employees and had opened a vocational boarding school in 1942.

In October 1945, the factory was nationalized based on Dr. Benes’s Decree on nationalization and the revolutionary works council took over the management . The company received a new name “Chotěboř Metalworking Plant”, National Enterprise, Chotěboř“ and Mr. Eckhardt became a corporate director. The number of employees decreased and production began on milk churns, mining lamps, improved types of autogenous equipment, hand centrifuges, butane bottles, reflectors for automobiles, potassium absorbers and more.

 In 1951 the production of machines and equipment for dairies was begun. Approximately three years later the manufacture of equipment for breweries followed. Individual machines and also whole production units were delivered not only to the domestic market, but also exported to foreign countries.

The production portfolio included fields of metallurgy, bottling equipment, washing and filling and sealing machines with transport equipment, food and chemical industry, welding equipment, reduction and high-pressure valves for technical gases, and more. Production continued to grow.

In 1956, the production of enamelled products began.

In 1965, CHEPOS Sp Brno was founded and Chotěboř became one of its plants. In 1968 the Chotěboř company was granted greater autonomy and changed to Chotěboř Engineering Works, National Enterprise, Chotěboř.

In 1992, when privatization took place Chotěboř Engineering Works was divided into separate plants and on 1st May 1992 TENEZ was formed as a separate legal entity along with other companies.