Engineering company with a hundred years of tradition.Quality craftsmanship.

Since 1992

1992 – After privatization in 1992 TENEZ established (Production of stainless steel technology devices). Production program consists of the production of stainless steel equipment, plate heat exchangers and investment units.

1995 – further expansion of enamelled equipment production

1997 – ISO 9001 certification

2002 – certification ASME Code Sec VIII. Div 1

2005 – new machine shop with CNC machine

2010 – reconstruction of buildings for the production of pharmaceutical industry equipment

2013 – reconstruction of furnaces and enamel spraying room

2014relocation of heat exchangers manufacturing to Chotěboř

Currently with the leadership of Managing Director, Ing. David Hejnar,TENEZ is trying not only to maintain but also further develop the engineering craftsmanship-skills which have always been a great tradition in the region.Unlike many other companies in the Czech Republic which deal in large-scale production with lower added value, such as automotive parts, TENEZ continues in the production of technologically more demanding products. The current range of the company is the production of heat exchangers, especially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.