Engineering company with a hundred years of tradition.Quality craftsmanship.

Code of Ethics

Motto:We respect honesty and moral principles in business and in communication with others.

Core Values of TENEZ a.s.

  • Professionalism and customer-oriented approach.
  • Loyalty and honesty.
  • Mutual respect.
  • Decency, fairness and sincerity.
  • Team work, in particular willingness and communication.
  • Innovative thinking and creativity.
  • Active approach to problem solving.
  • Respect for the work of others.

 Relationships with Customers and Suppliers

  • The fundamental rule for our relationship with customers and suppliers is trust. Further general principles of behaviour are as follows:
  • The customer comes first.
  • Our key priorities:
  • Meeting the deadline to the required quality for all orders
  • Maintaining the confidentiality ofcustomers‘ and suppliers‘ information
  • Employees shall avoid all dishonest business practices.

The Environment

The company strives to minimize the negative impact of its production process on the environment through continuous modification of its technological processes.