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Installation and service

SERVICE:            +420 569 551 474

SPARE PARTS:   +420 569 551 474


Service Department TENEZ carries out maintenance work for brewery, dairy, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other departments.

  • we can guarantee a high level of expertise, including the necessary authorization, experience and quality
  • we provide warranty and post-warranty service of equipment supplied by our company
  • permanent cooperation with customers is a priority for us,
  • for our customers, we carry out precautionary checks related to failure prediction
  • technical advice and consultation is an integral part of our business


Mounting and dismounting of enamelled equipment, replacement of mixers, tanks, baffles and mechanical seals, routine and general overhaul of mixing equipment drives, reconstruction of  mixing equipment drives for mechanical seals, common and general overhaul of enamelled valves, revision status of enamel coating, high voltage test, repair of damaged enamel coating, including re-enamelling, technical advice and consultation.


Repairing, modification and inspection of stainless steel tanks, pasteurization stations, CIP and “butter making machine”, reconstruction and modification of drives and agitators, repair of gearboxes, drives, mixers, servicing of M and R supplied by TENEZ a. s.


Routine and general overhaul of TENEZ and API SCHMIDT heat exchangers, precautionary examinations, re-sealing of heat exchangers with the possibility to lease spare sets of plates (minimum downtime), checking of the tightness of all types of heat exchangers, chemical cleaning of mobile CIP station exchangers, even on-site at the place of installation.






Hotline service

  • Service: +420 569 551 474
  • Spare parts: +420 569 551 474