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Enamelled steel fittings are mainly used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to connect individual manufacturing equipment. Namely, enamelled pipes, elbows, T-pieces, crosses, distributors, reduction etc.


As well as standard parts and after mutual agreement with the customer, we can produce the fittings in various versions, a wide range of variants and combinations of length, diameter, number of outputs, etc. Also, we can offer a double jacket variant where it is possible to influence the temperature of the flowing medium by installing a cooling or heating substance into the second jacket.

Enamel reducer can be fitted with a space for cooling, equipped with a thermowell for the measurement of temperature, etc.

Split, pivoted flanges are used for connecting individual fittings, which are not permanently attached to the fittings and thus allow for greater flexibility in installation. Of course, it is also possible to use the classical neck flanges or other variants. Non-asbestos gasket with PTFE coating is then used as a seal.

  • According to customer requirements
  • DN25 to DN500

Used especially in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry.

Smaltované armatury

Smaltované armatury


Smaltované armatury





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