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The individual parts of the column can be variously equipped (jacketed, working and manipulation of the nozzle, footing, legs, etc.). The number of parts of the column (the composition) follows the customer's requirements. Columns can be pressurized or unpressurized, with grids of different materials (enamel, halar, titanium, hasteloy) or equipped with additional accessories.

Most often, vapours are brought into the bottom part of the column, and liquids to the top part. Within the column the material changes from liquid to gas and consequently the gas phase is enriched or depleted of components that are soluble in the liquid phase.

Maximum allowable pressure PS in column -1 to 6 bar
Maximum allowable pressure PS in the jacket -1 to 6 bar
Maximum allowable temperature TS -20 (-60) to 200°C
Production transcript EN13445, AD2000, ČSN 690010

Custom-made without type designation meeting customer's requirements.

Most plants for the type of distillation, rectification, absorption, extraction and other.

Smaltované kolony

Smaltované kolony

Smaltované kolony

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