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Dismountable heat exchangers with gasket

A gasketed heat exchanger is used to heat or cool media, where it is necessary to check and clean the interior.

Dismountable heat exchangers

The heat exchanger is assembled using a set of heat-transfer plates with gaskets, partitions and clamping plates tightened with clamping bolts. This composition is optimized for quick dismantling and reassembly of the exchanger.

Variability is provided by a range of plates of various surfaces, undulations and gaskets, which enables deployment in a wide range of applications according to the customer's requirements.

Dismountable heat exchangers are manufactured in size versions according to the required heat-transfer area.

Max. flow [m3/hod] from 15
Heat-transfer area [m2] from 0,3
Max. flow [m3/hod] up to 4000
Heat-transfer area [m2] up to 1866

Plate gaskets

  max. temp use
NBR  140oC oil, water
EPDM  160oC water, steam, weak acid
VITON  180oC aggressive chemicals, oils
PTFE  260oC highly aggressive chemical
Silikon  180oC vegetable fat
AFM34  160oC oils, solvents

Dismountable heat exchangers

Model Max. flow[m3/hod] Heat-transfer area [m2] Model Max. flow [m3/hod] Heat-transfer area [m2]
Si7 15 5,7 Si52 225 249,4
Si9 15 12,7 Si55 720 233,0
Si13 80 29,6 Si56 720 357,0
Si16 20 23,6 Si60 400 178,8
Si19 50 46,0 Si66 320 350,7
Si22 40 46,8 Si76 720 702,2
Si25 200 138,2 Si85 320 406,7
Si26 80 98,3 Si96 720 933,6
Si27 80 92,8 Si106 750 608,9
Si29 200 158,9 Si108 750 590,6
Si32 70 127,1 Si114 750 607,2
Si35 200 153,8 Si136 750 856,8
Si36 120 168,0 Si138 750 850,7
Si37 120 168,0 Si149 2000 1013,1
Si38 200 72,7 Si156 2000 1135,9
Si45 200 70,2 Si206 4000 1236,0
Si48 600 187,0 Si229 2000 1252,5
Si49 200 173,0 Si306 4000 1866,0

Heat exchangers are made of a set of panels, partitions and covers.The set of plates is made up of individual plates that are fitted with a patented mechanically fixed seal SIGMAFIX.If necessary, the set of plates includes one or more divisions, allowing the input and output of the products to the heat exchanger (multi-sectional exchangers).The covers are made of structural steel (painted surface finish), or austenitic steel (glass bead blasted surface).

Connection of the exchangers to the mountings is carried out using threaded bar, flanges, or according to the customer's requirement.

  • Dismountable heat exchangers operate mainly in the food and chemical industries in places where it is necessary to disassemble and clean the exchangers quickly.
  • Area of technology processing with the need for heat exchange.
  • Heating technology - transfer stations UT and TUV.
  • Equipmentfor reverse heat extraction (recovery).

Dismountable heat exchangers

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