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Non pressure tanks

Non pressure tanks

Non-pressurized tanks are used for the manufacture or storage of the medium at atmospheric pressure. The range of these vessels includes simple storage vessels, but also, for example, processing mixing vessels with heating or cooling.

These vessels may have conical tops and bottoms, of our own production, with radial transitions to the jacket. The containers can be equipped with working nozzles, lights, hatches and an agitator. For heating or cooling the container can be fitted with a jacket  or multi-functional heating channel and insulating sheathing.

Technical parameters of non-pressure tanks

Maximum diameter: 3,6 m
Maximum volume: 100 m3
Maximum weight: 12,5 t
  • Upright / horizontal
    (tubular/square legs, feet and rests)
  • Split / single
    (connection with screws, clamps and sealing flange)
  • Mixing / non-mixing 
    (propeller, paddle, anchor, swept, magnetic and specialised agitator)
  • Jacketed / non-jacketed
    (jackets with double casing, half-pipe coil, U channel and blown jackets)
  • Insulated / uninsulated
    (mineral wool insulation, PU foam and perlite, insulation welded or riveted)
  • Surface treatment
    (as required, from unified outer surface pickling, satin finish or glass bead blasting to electrochemically polished inner surface Ra <0.4 or if need be mirror polishing Ra 0.1)
  • Food industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Energy industry.









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