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Re-glassing is the complete restoration of the glass-lined surface of the vessels, or as the case may be individual parts. It involves the complete blasting of the old / damaged enamel and the gradual application of the new enamel.

RE-enamelling and modernization

Within re-glassingit is equally possible to repair or replace damaged parts. The result of re-glassing and modernization is a fully functional, inexpensive and according to customer requirements, modernized product. Of course there is also the relevant entry into the tank's passport, including revisions.

Before re-glassing

After re-glassing

Before re-glassing After re-glassing
  • Re-glassing and modernization of not only TENEZ products.
  • Drive - refurbishment of the existing, exchange for a new drive, replacement of cord seal for a mechanical one.
  • Drain replacement.
  • Check and replace jacket if necessary.
  • Overhaul or replacement of nozzles and manholes.
  • Overhaul or new clamps.
  • New coat of paint after blasting of non-enamelled surface.

In normal operation with the same parameters as the new tank.


Resmaltace a modernizace

Resmaltace a modernizace

Resmaltace a modernizace

Resmaltace a modernizace

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