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The tanks are used to store liquid products during storage or in the manufacturing process. Upright containers may be single or split. On the upper part, working nozzles are located. In the middle of the lower floor there is an outlet connection which can be connected to the enamel outlet valve.

Enamelled tanks

Cooling or heating containers are provided with a jacket. Horizontal tanks are equipped with working nozzles in the upper part of the jacket. In the lower part of the jacket there is a discharge nozzle which can connect the outlet valve.

  • Maximum allowable pressure in the vessel PS -1 to 6 bar.
  • Maximum allowable pressure PS in the double -1 to 6 bar.
  • Maximum allowable temperature TS-20 (-60) to 200 ° C.
  • Production transcript EN13445, AD2000, CSN 690010.

  • Chemical industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Food industry.


Smaltované zásobníky

Smaltované zásobníky

Smaltované zásobníky

Smaltované zásobníky

Smaltované zásobníky

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