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The enamelled outlet valve consists of a valve body, the cone, the saddle and the closing mechanism. In the body of the valve, the cone is sealed with packing with PTFE sealing cord or PTFE bellows.


The closing mechanism may be controlled mechanically by the handwheel or pneumatic drive in combination with a spring, or lateral pneumatic drive. The valve can be completed with a resistance thermometer and position sensors. The inner surface and outer surface of the cone are protected with chemically highly resistant enamel.

Enamel outlet valves are mounted on the outlet nozzles of the enamelled vessels. As well as the basic product line, it is possible to produce valves with different connection sockets according to customers' requirements.

Technical parameters containers fitted with valves.

The preassure in the tank -1 to 6bar
Operating temperature -20 (-60) to 200°C

Smaltované ventily

Smaltované ventily

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