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Code of ethics

Motto: "We respect honesty and moral principles in business and in communication with our surrounding."

Basic values of the company TENEZ a.s.

  • Professionalism and customer-oriented approach,
  • loyalty and honesty,
  • mutual respect,
  • decency, honesty and sincerity,
  • teamwork, especially willingness and communication,
  • innovative thinking and creativity,
  • active approach to problem solving,
  • respect for the work of others.

Relationships with customers and suppliers

The basic rule of relationships with customers and suppliers is trust. The following are general principles of behaviour:

  • The customer comes first,
  • meeting deadlines in the required quality for all orders is one of the highest priorities,
  • maintaining the confidentiality of customer and supplier information is also a priority,
  • employees avoid all dishonest business practices.


The company strives to minimize the negative impacts of the production process on the environment by modifying technological processes.