over 50 years in heat transfer specialist in fully welded plate heat exchangers
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About us

At TENEZ a.s. we produce welded heat exchangers without additional material and demountable plate heat exchangers with seals. We are the largest manufacturer of welded heat exchangers in Europe. We have developed our own technologies which are patented and thanks to them we produce high-quality and durable heat exchangers. In the segment of welded heat exchangers without additional material combined with our unique prodcution technology. We are the only ones in the world who produce fully welded pleate heat exchangers.

100 years in mechanical engineering

We have a tradition of almost a century in engineering. We have been manufacturing heat exchangers for over 30 years. We supply heat exchangers throughout Europe and enter the global market for example in the USA or Russia. Our products are recognized especially in the chemical industry where our welded heat exchangers achieve up to several times longer service life and reliability than competing heat exchangers.

We have our own design team and we devote a lot of energy to development. We implement large projects. We are able to design and produce a project according to the customer's wishes. We are guided by the fact that we want to supply the market with a unique product in top quality.

Successes in the development of heat exchangers

In recent years, we have developed a new range of T-heat line heat exchangers. The new plates with better heat transfer, efficiency and less pressure loss. Our vision is to constantly improve and keep up with the big players in the heat exchanger market provide unique solutions and keep high quality.