over 50 years in heat transfer specialist in fully welded plate heat exchangers
Over 25 thousand installations worldwide
  • our products are also sold under “SIGMAWIG” label
  • long term co-operation with API Schmidt Bretten
Unique welding technology – fully welded TIG
  • gasket free
  • no filler
  • only one material used

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Highly resistant against corrosion and fouling

Materials used: 

austenitic and superaustenitic steel, specific alloys (SMO, Hastelloy), titanium and tantalum 

High operating levels:

temperatures -100 +300°C, pressures -1 to +30 bar



Long life cycle
  • up to 20 years of operation
  • no service needed
  • other advantages:

    • high efficiency plates
    • wide range of customized types allows optimal choice 
    • compact design, easy to fit
    • suitable for each applicaton including agressive media 
Own construction and development team
  • each PHE is calculated and designed on individual basis
  • since 2021 – a new result of our own R&D work – T3 „DUDE“:
    • smaller, lighter and more effective :
      • over 28 % higher on heat transfer
      • 5 % lower pressure drop

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Our fully welded plate heat exchangers are

environment friendly

fully recyclable


Česky English

We are the largest European manufacturer offully welded plate heat exchangers (TIG WELDING with no additional material)


  • TIG welding method without the use of additional material which enables our fully welded products to meet the strictest testing criteria for corrosion resistance and for tighteness
  • primarily we use austenitic steel (DIN 1.4404), superaustenitic steel (DIN 1.4539 and 254 SMO), specific alloys (Hastelloy C-276) or titanium (DIN 3.7025) and tantalum 
  • long operating service life - often more than 20 years
  • much higher safety and durability compared to brazed or gasketed PHE enabling operations of highly aggressive media in critical operating conditions
  • co-current or counter-current flow of media with operating temperature up to + 300°C or pressure up to 30 bar
  • wide choice of different types of plates and sizes, the exchanger can be designed according to the application and needs of the customer
  • small volume of media in the exchanger together with various types of plates enables the most efficient heat transfer with a minimal pressure loss
  • compared to other heat exchangers including the "bloc" or "shell & tube" types, our fully welded PHE is smaller, lighter and much more efficient with minmum demand on the installed space
  • we carry out continuous research and development, often in cooperation with our long-term partners including  API Schmidt Bretten
  • our PHE  practically require no service and due to its easy connection to the pipeline can be chemically cleaned by flow at any time
  • our products are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable


  • for the regulation of chemical and reaction processes
  • for tempering of highly chemical aggressive products in the chemical, pharmaceutical or petrochemical industries
  • for industrial cooling, tempering or heating of required media
  • for hot water stations
  • for recuperation in chemical or refining processes
  • for steam units
  • for evaporators or condensers
  • for DHW transfer stations
  • for coolers and heaters in food technology or beverage lines
  • for geothermal heating and the use of its waste heat
  • for operations with minimum maintenance, service or shutdown requirements
  • for operations requiring guaranteed tightness – e.g. evaporators and refrigerant condensers where there must be no leakage from the cooling circuit (we perform helium tightness tests)
  • for environments or operations with strict limits where there is a requirement for more robust design or safety with maximum heat transfer and minimum pressure loss

Who we are

TENEZ a.s. is a manufacturer of fully welded heat exchangers (TIG welding with no filler) as well as gasketed plate heat exchangers. We are the largest European manufacturer in our field.

Almost hundred years of engineering tradition and over 50 years in heat transfer predetermines our products for global markets. We supply heat exchangers to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and energy industries worldwide. We are constantly working on the development and research of our own products. In the past 30 years, we have successfully implemented over 25,000 projects in fully welded PHE and have several hundred satisfied customers all over the world. 

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In numbers:

ikona> 30 years of experience with production of heat exchangers
ikona> 25 ths. successfully implemented projects
ikona> 50 types of heat exchangers we are able to produce


Major international and Czech manufacturing companies have long relied on the quality of our work.