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Servicing of your heat exchangers

We provide service for welded and demountable plate heat exchangers with seals which we manufacture. Our customers can use warranty and post-warranty service. We service welded plate heat exchangers only in our plant. We can also service demountable plate heat exchangers with sealsat the customer's place upon agreement. In addition to service, we sell spare parts, new bodies (new plate pack), seals or insulation boxes for our exchangers.

We guarantee high expertise including the necessary authorizations, experience and quality, we provide warranty and if required post-warranty service of equipment supplied by our company continuous cooperation with customers is a priority for us. We carry out preventive inspections associated with fault prediction, advice and consultation.


Servicing of heat exchangers in our plant

We prefer to service heat exchangers in our production plant because we have trained specialist, technological and service facilities here. We can also provide warranty and post-warranty service in the form of outsourcing with a cooperating service company.



In case of any more serious failure or malfunction of the exchanger the repair can also be done by replacing the original, old body with a completely new body (new plate pack). This repair is especially suitable for heat exchangers with a screwed type of casing.



The most common repairs of heat exchangers

For heat exchangers, we most often provide post-warranty service which includes for example, replacement of bodies with new ones, replacement of plates, checking the tightness of the exchanger, preventive inspections or replacement of seals.

We solve warranty repairs of heat exchangers minimally due to the high quality of our heat exchangers. In addition, every heat exchanger produced in our plant is subjected to several inspections during its production process. Finally, each heat exchanger produced is pressure tested for tightness.